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Our Australian-based support and development team via our Help Desk are available to handle any of your questions, queries or issues relating to the performance of your Konect Manager or Konect Field apps.

Check out this list of FAQ’s and Training Videos first though, as it may just have the quick answer or solution that you’re after. If you’re still having any trouble, feel free to contact the team.

The Konect App can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Firstly it needs an account ID that the customer’s administrator will provide. Secondly it needs project packages to customise the App with maps and business logic; these will be dispatched from Konect Manager on the desktop.

All data transfers are encrypted and can only be accessed by devices that have been activated through your Account ID supplied by your administrator. Those devices will only see data that has been specifically packaged for them. At any time, the administrator can remove data packages remotely from a device or remotely de-activate the device. Secondly, data is transferred through https protocol.

The Comms Manager and database is installed on cloud infrastructure in your local jurisdiction. Austrlian clients wil be hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Sydney, NSW. AWS guarantees optimum data availability while ensuring complete customer privacy and segregation.

The Konect Manager presents an intuitive and easy to use mapping interface through which the user is able to build spatial project packages to customise the Konect Mobile. Data can be created on the fly or imported in a wide variety of spatial formats. The distinguishing feature is that maps can be built on customers own data and/or GIS files and imagery from external sources.

Yes of course. That’s one of Konect’s hallmark features. Whether connected, sometimes connected or disconnected, operational modes are fully supported.

One or more Konect Managers can be installed on your desktop machines that will transact against the Konect Database.

Konect Manager works on Win 7, Win 8 & Win 10.

Konect is a low impact set-up that uses much the same firewall settings as those for a simple web browser so you shouldn’t experience any issues.

Nothing except sit back and relax. Konect needs no in-house programming and is easily configurable from the desktop. But our Help Desk is always available should you have any questions.

Absolutely. Large datasets can be loaded onto the device through a WiFi connection to the network, prior to devices being taken to the field.

Konect runs on most modern smartphones and tablets. Any recent iPhone or Android device running Android 5 or later (the older Android 4 can be unstable). Many people don’t need to go out for a new phone.

No. Most of our customers find the GPS built into their smart phone is all they need to get the job done without any issues.   The GPS unit in modern Android and iPhone devices are good to within a few metres and when used in moving map mode are sufficient to locate most points.



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