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Since 2002 we’ve been developing mobility software. In that time we’ve built an intimate knowledge of your sector and learnt (from you!) that Tree & Vegetation Management can at times be a challenging, expensive and time consuming business with ever-increasing legislation, operating constraints and governance requirements that you need to maintain – and it’s not getting easier.

We also know that if you can get it right, then it’s a highly rewarding and lucrative business.

So, why choose Konect?

Because we have a total field operations solution tailored for YOU.

Konect works in the field with smartphones and tablets and logs all work into a central database. Experience the world’s best field data collection system with customisable smart forums and easy-to-navigate maps.

The Konect Trees Package handles risk assessments and maintenance works. Complimentary packages support Vegetation Management, Environmental Assessments, Biosecurity and many other types of field operations.

By simply using Konect you’ll be achieving increased productivity, driving more efficiency, achieving better cost control, enabling higher productivity and much more.

Plus, we’ll be there to help you get started with tailored support.

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